Problems- a troublesome and complicated stuff that add more worry to your daily life. Yes. That’s exactly what problems are. They give you nothing but headache.

There are different types of people in the world and they took a different approach to their problems in their own unique way.

Let’s not talk about different people first. Let’s just talk about one person. Even that one person will deal with the problems differently.

But generally, there will be two ways, either run from it or headbutt the problem. Simple yet complicated. Just remember, no matter where you go, there will be problems anyway.

Me? When I face a problem, I either vent out the frustration to someone and seek advice or lock myself away and find solutions. Either way, I will have no mood left to entertain  interact with people.

I am not always a hardworking person but when I found motivation and set a target for myself, I will make sure to complete it. Yesterday, I faced a problem. I was given this mountain of excels sheets with lots of data. My job was to simplify each data into one excel sheet. My target was to finish it by yesterday.

Just when I was about to complete it, I realized that I used the wrong formula.More like, the formula is right, but I used it for the wrong column. It was just one careless mistake.

For a brief 3 minutes, I had a mental break down. I can feel my brain melting and my soul slowly leaving my body. I had already created over 100 excel sheet because I have been doing this for 2 days. I had 2k plus rows that I need to fix in one excel sheet.

There might be simpler way to solve this problem but I am an idiot in excel. I just learnt a tiny bit of excel like 4 days ago? Feeling hopeless and helpless. I just want to disappear for that moment.

This feeling of disappointment and frustration sadden me so much. I know I am the one who did it wrong. I have absolutely no excuse for this catastrophe. After the melt down, I was dead focused on solving this shit. I really wanted to finish that by yesterday because I had plans with my friends later and I don’t want to ruin the mood.

But the truth is, I am incapable of fixing the problem in two hours. Well, obviously, I wouldn’t because this is the two days worth of work. My work ended and I am in the mess.

All I wanted to do was to go home and sleep my problems away. But I went out with them anyway, because of several reasons.

They asked me what happened but I wasn’t in the mood to talk at all or worse, explain stuff. Repeating about this shit will just remind me of how incapable I am and make me even more depress at that moment.

To be honest, even if I said it, there are very little things  is nothing they can do for me. Because we are not working in same company and I can’t go back to the work right at that moment to solve the shit. That’s basically what happened.

Although superman vs batman that we watched is awesome, I am feeling too awful to get hyped about it.




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