I will never fall for someone again. That’s what I promised to myself when I got my heart broken for the very first time. It was an unrequited love. One sided love. But this scarred too deep in my heart. Since then, I lost interest in all the guys. No longer interested in going into relationship anymore.

I am really scared that I will crush on someone again. So ended up isolating myself from guys. I swear I could count the numbers of guy friends I have. And it was less than 5.

When I get close to a guy, that just simply means that I no longer think of them as a guy. Because I can never get friendly with opposite gender without being conscious of the gender.

After I liked him, I could never like another guy again. Of course, I found some cute and handsome. But that just stopped there. No more than eye candy. I don’t want to date anyone. Just admire them. That’s all.

Because love never do good to me anyway. It will just hurt me again. I don’t want to fall in love. And right now, love might be the last thing that i need.

-emo girl signing off


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