Perfect. No one is perfect. If you think someone is perfect, it is probably the illusion that you have of them.

I am not perfect. My family is a complicated. My life is a mess. And me? I am hopeless.

I am not the girl who they think I am. Capable. Care less. Confident. Emotionless. Fearless. Free. Self centered. Strong. These words didn’t describe me at all. More like I am opposite of that…

I feel like I can’t do anything by myself. Care and feel too much till I am overwhelmed by the feelings. This makes me numb and unable to express what I am truly feeling. Sometimes, I seem to be self centered but if you look at my decision closely, you can see how much consideration I have put in.  And I am not as fearless and free as people think I am.

I am not as ignorant as you think I am. I just don’t say what I see or know. And I know a lot more things that no one else knows. I have experience things that they all haven’t experience.

No one ever listen. Everyone think that I am what they think I am. They don’t bothered. Or is my mask really tight?

It is choking me. Like no one can hear my sos signals. Surrounded by people yet feeling alone. They think I don’t understand them. It is more like they don’t understand me.


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